Quarantine Health Tips

We all know this pandemic has gotten the best of us so let’s get to this!

1.) Be out of bed by 8am

Early starts just set the tone for the day, beats the competition, and allows for some selfish time before the day awakens 

2.) 15 min move around by 9am

I would not call it a workout just something to get your blood moving and muscles warmed up. When you do this you are arriving to an alert stage in which can guide you specifically toward a workout. Get started doing some shit. Move a bit

3.) A few glasses of water before 10am

A cold glass when you wake up and sporadically stay hydrated. Keeps your mentality sane and your endurance through the roof. 

4.) Piece of fruit before 10am

I have a full smoothie/Veggie shake but as long as you can find some room so have a banana or apple. Just do it. It’ll trick your brain into potentially wanting to do it daily based on habits and workout guilt alone. 

5.) Protein before 11am

This will help levitate your stomach. Have a shake. Curve your hunger so you can eat adequately by lunch time. Make smarter food decisions. 

6.) Do not eat after 7pm

It can take longer to digest and it is not a good feeling for the long run of your fitness journey. Grogginess tends to happen and carry over to the next day.

7.) Be in bed before 11pm

No blue lights after 9pm. I shut down around 9pm and refuse to be around my blue lights. Laptop/Phone after 9pm. I wind down, read, write goals for the next day, & thank God. Then do it again first thing in the morning. Repeat. 

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