How To Win During Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19)

A global virus that we are adapting to by the day well heck even by the hour. We must include embracing the change distancing ourselves & being able to be ok with spending time alone. So how can we do that? Well here are some tips that will definitely help you make the best of your time! 

1.) Isolation Is Not Horrific 

Matter of fact, isolating yourself can be the best thing to happen for you. Things like meditation, reflection, prayer, & self celebration on how far you’ve come can mean a major comeback that pays off massive dividends for your well being.

2.) Being Active At Home 

Getting uncomfortable at home can be a hassle for sure. Working out can be the least aspect many will want to do in the comfort of their cozy dojo. Get to the living room & try jump roping, dancing, shadow boxing, body weight workouts, active yoga, or play with the kids on Tik Tok. Tik Tok can keep you closer to the world as the platform always has all age ranges in simplistic video format with fun trends to help you stay well connected without having FOMO. You can go live, chat, Dance, sing, & workout with tons of fun. Try it! 

3.) Eliminate Stress & Fear

If activity doesn’t do you well after the time is up with it, try to write down what is fearing you most. Create some goals, poetry, draw, & write music. Some people never recognize their potential because they never try. Play around with phone apps that help with content creation & you will inhibit a new passion. Fear is Eliminated by forms of action. Just try something. Trust me.

4.) Self Education

Just because schools are on a shutdown it does not mean you can’t listen to podcasts, read, or listen to your inspirations background stories. Try searching Dwayne Johnson or Mark Wahlberg. I also have a podcast with tons of sources that I’ve learned daily that can help guide you. You can also Learn a new language, sign language, or learn about animals. Yup. Animals are fun. You can create a virtual world tour and learn about the world easily with YouTube. Tons of education. 

5.) Use This Time To Plan Your Next Moves

Although the world is on ultimate pause it doesn’t mean you should be on pause too. Take me for an example, I was deviated that the NBA went on suspension but now I can use the extra time to complete my Ph.D. Write more blogs, finish writing my book, make more music, create daily YouTube videos, & magnify more opportunities on how I want to help change the world. So keep your head down & keep working! Rest, kiss your loved ones, & get to working on your dreams. These moments can put you years ahead knowing a majority of people are not working on themselves during this time. It’s not to disrespect anyone, but for those who have dreams see major opportunities! Go! 


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