How to Stay Motivated during Quarantine

COVID-19 has changed the world for both the worst and the better...well to an extent. These times are tough financially, but in all totality this hit has really helped people spend quality time with family & discover new things! The hardest part is staying the course and keeping the fire in your belly to allow you to really build something for your immediate future. Here’s what we came up with to help you.

1.) Always keeps a schedule 

Unemployment, Stimulus, & working from home. Never alter your schedule. Keeping yourself on a strict schedule allows for you to stay at a high performance level so when things default into a routine once again you have already formulated new habits.

2.) Gratitude 

Times are hard, but be thankful it’s not worse. There can always be worse, so be thankful for what you do have from health, shelter, opportunity, & loved ones.

3.) Learn new skills 

Learning something new even if you’re not good at it per se. New skills instill a new wave of energy and confidence that cannot be felt by others. A sense of willing to fail forward and go on new adventures always is a self esteem boost. Learning new languages, fitness routines, dance moves, baking, & completing a book are amazing examples 

4.) Nutrition 

Foods you eat will determine your longevity. If you have a hamburger one day it will not make you fat overnight, if you occasionally allow yourself off the hook it becomes easier to slack off. Stay on schedule. Stay healthy. 


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