How To Stay Healthy During Coronavirus Outbreak

As we all know or I’m assuming we all know unless you are Jared Leto who just found out about Coronavirus today after his beautiful meditation getaway, that this is a very serious outbreak from All facets of life. A serious condition in which we are working hard to minimize contact while still needing to be at places that include potentially the highest of percentage to actually get the Coronavirus.....The grocery store. Now during this Quarantine, it is to be known that assuring your health is consistent with exercising &  feeding it nutrients will be the best decision ever. Healthy you. Allows for you to cast more energy to help others. Here’s how to stay healthy during this day to day outbreak.

1.) Bargain. Bargain. Bargain.

Now unless you are perfect, everybody’s pockets are taking a hit somehow. Some smaller than others, but you get the point. Write down a grocery list, stay true to it, & find more ways to cook. The reason for cooking is now many of us have the time to substitute for other missed endeavors such as the gym, cut work hours, kids off from school, & just flat out cancelations. Please don’t go to the store hungry. Please don’t.

2.) Water Intake Is Proportionately Underrated

For some reason drinking water with all of your meals is somewhat shunned upon til this day. Water is easily accessible, yet many despise it. Third world countries have to on average walk a few miles just for clean water. So pucker up. Water is amazing especially if you are having some chest snacks or meals. Water allows for your immune system to detox and digest at a rate that can still help you keep your physique for the week. Cold water also helps burn calories! 

3.) Morning Fasting 

Now this is my favorite! Morning Fasting is the best thing to do in my opinion! In the morning do not indulge in anything edible. Maybe a veggie shake or protein shake. Anything solid do not engage in and also always have a glass of water when you wake up and participate in a morning fast. Morning Fasts keep you light and lean and set the tone for the day. So if you keep yourself on a morning schedule your body adapts to the fast and usually resists wanting to eat after 8pm. INCREDIBLE. 

4.) Vitamins

Not the Flintstone ones. Any Vitamin that is able to supplement what you are in taking or what you are simply missing for the day. It is nearly impossible to get every nutrient your body needs at a high level daily. So start small and universal. Take a “One A Day” multivitamin then gradually get into others such as Vitamin B, C, & Joint Strengtheners(Glucosamine). Vitamins allow for you to push even further and really enhance your overall well being! That’s a win. 



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