How To Start Working Out At Home

When it comes down to doing potentially anything “work” wise in the comfort of your own household it usually means that you’d rather sleep or be on your phone watching YouTube videos all day versus getting what needs to be done.....done. While the world is now transitioning to working from home as a major default, this provides us of the immediate future we are bound to have at an accelerated rate. Home workouts can help signify the immediacy of being able to knock out multiple birds with one stone(please don’t hurt birds). Workout back to the laptop. Rinse. Repeat. Here are some ways to start your mobile home workouts. Minimalists it’s our time to shine.


1.) Preparing for the actual workouts

Showing up blind is probably not the best move to make just because we all know you are either going to be working out naked or in your jammies. The more comfort you have, the lazier you’ll get. Set forth knowing you must bust your ass

2.) Set Up A Scenery

You can’t eat healthy if the most visible foods are all terrible on your table day in day out. It goes the same with working out. Have your mat laid out, weights in place, & music speakers ready to blast. Especially if it’s an AM workout 

3.) Bodyweight. Bodyweight. 

Home workouts increase the chances of mobility & resistance workouts. Foundational courses should be able to lift some percentage of your own Bodyweight. Pushups, pull-ups, resistance training bands, & yoga. 

4.) Mental Strengthening Counts Too

The most overlooked possible way to ensure you will not prolong your home workouts is due to the notion of not being there mentally. Especially as adults. Too many responsibilities & distractions in this world and if you can’t focus at home then it will be even harder to focus at a gym. Lock in & don’t quit 

5.) Get Used To Being Alone

You are your own motivator. You will spend majority of your workouts alone. Even if you are in company physically you’d either want to be more alone or still somewhat feel alone. Everybody is different with different goals. Embrace it & challenge it. It starts with inner belief.

6.) Love The Process

Home Workouts are flexible in quality, but in terms of quantity it usually is an unusual amount of reps to be able to gain top tier muscle mass on your body. Home Workouts can ensure you that it will be a much longer learning curve and that is completely fine. No weights. No problem. Now go and get started :) 


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