How To Overcome Quarantine Shortage (COVID-19)

Whilst we are in a major crisis that has countries & states Now on lockdowns even for 24 hours, there are many things you can control that start from the inside out. Literally and figuratively. Panic & fear are things we should not focus on as this can create auras that will attract more defining outcomes of negativity. Many behaviors can default into magnifying the realistic & holistic approaches that are already occurring. Here are some ways to contrast & hopefully build some optimism on this new journey for you as the world whole heartedly is trying to adapt day by day. 

1.) Triple down on avoidance

Becoming a morning person and working around a multitude of schedules can help you distinguish yourself from many who may seem to be in a much further panic than you are. I enjoy waking up really early and knocking out workouts, meditation, & errands. These most important attributes allow for thinking clearly while avoiding waves of crowds that can be shopping at peak times.

2.) Use Technology To Your Advantage 

A scenario that is unique like today’s is a beautiful disaster. Quarantine can allow for us to enhance our sources at the palm of our hand. Google, blogs, & online books create a path that can allow for options. Now these are not just any options, these are immediate. A few searches & you are in the game making decisions that can alter your surroundings & awareness.

3.) Focus 

What you think of most multiplies. Out with the old days of just the New media running the show. As the previous tip states, there are now algorithms that don’t just show News outlets. Instead the algorithms magnifying what you search for. The beautiful attribution is that having many options for our attention spans help in knowing that we are not alone. Get involved with social media, do some online gaming, stream movies, FaceTime/Snapchat a friend, & most of all your loved ones. Play board games & family games that can build chemistry for a lifetime. These are our “Camp Fire” moments. Get creative & it’ll rejuvenate how you view the world.

4.) Make Money Hunny. 

Keep your finances in check. Literally. Currency will help keep you grounded. Multiple streams of income help. Now is a time Open a business, provide a service, study for more verifications, plan on enrolling in classes, launching a YouTube channel, starting a podcast, or any other aspects of your creations that can help! Sell plates of food, bake cookies, and offer haircuts for a discount. People need you. Let’s help uplift the world....together.


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