How To Overcome Failure

Overcoming Failure is a present notion that tends to be feared by the masses. Failure is the only option to actually predominantly learn something valuable in your life. When failing you are to grasp on and evaluate what you don’t like & reinstate a conclusion to ensure that loss never happens again or for the better, you inherit a growth so exemplifying that you understand why it happened. Here are ways to overcome that fearful of failure feeling.

1.) There’s always a lesson in failing

Similar to bodybuilding or a fitness regime, failing in a personal record means you can no longer lift yourself up anymore for that time being. What goes overlooked is that presently in the moment you’ve gave it all you got and can’t go anymore. What really happened is when you are ready to arrive next time you have had a muscle endurance growth after a well rest and some post workout recovery. Treat failure as a post workout recovery. Fail. Learn. Apply what you decide to change again. Turn your L’s into Lessons.

2.) Everybody Fails

It’s simple. Everybody fucks up at some point. That’s the beauty of it. You are not alone. Research fact based insights, join a group, reach out to somebody, or take full accountability of your fails and know that you will come back stronger. One thing you must not do is fall victim when you mess up. This will obliterate your emotions & throw away practicality.

3.) Physical Failures are not Mental

When you fail & I mean fail miserably, It can take a hit to your self esteem, but no need to worry. If you can take time to work on your mental game everyday it becomes a subconscious effort to help you subside the wrong doings and substitute your thoughts which will then prevail into your physical form anyway. Less stress. More sex? Lol. No but yes. Well maybe. You get the point. Workout, smile more, laugh at your fails, & kick ass. 

4.) Focus on the long term

When you fail it can be a detour. It does not mean that it will be the fate of your life FOREVER. Things happen. So what. In this day we see so many people online with shortcomings rather it be illness, physical disabilities, & many unfair disadvantages still kicking ass in life. I see people in wheelchairs dancing so badass. Use your platform and vulnerability to inspire others. That’s the true circle of life. Embrace flaws. Embrace losing. Hell I even record all of my fuck ups and I create #Failfriday compilations on my Instagram & Tik Tok page. My followers always get a kick out of it. Bad times don’t last & neither do good times. Enjoy yourself.



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