How To Make A Workout Plan

When it comes to working out sure there are some duties of just showing up, fucking shit up, & then leaving, but is that a recipe for overall goals and success? Nah. Working out should be a formulated blueprint as to how you can be your own hero 10 years from now. Well because the time will go by and you might as well love yourself & your body. Now do you have to have all the essential elements down & be the biggest meathead in the world. No. Just move somewhere & know where that somewhere is. Home workouts, Gym workouts, & Active rest days are all ideas as to why cookie cutter plans are not a one size fit all. Everybody(EveryBODY) is different. Embrace it. Love it. Here are some ways to create a workout plan while not being too 1 dimensional. Instead use this as an outline & go from there!

1.) Create a workout split

Know what days you want to workout & know what days you damn don’t want to workout. Just make sure your splits are more favored in actually working out. Yes you have to workout to actually lose weight/build muscle growth. I always recommend a 4 day split to my clients to start. Back/biceps. Chest/Triceps. Legs/Lower Back. Shoulders/Upper Back. These are the primary points and you can choose what day to work them 

2.) Self Awareness

Have a vision and be honest with who you actually are. Too much delusion portrayed as “dreaming big” will only be catastrophic for yourself in the long run. Now don’t sell yourself short. For an example, I can do handstand push-ups so a goal for me is to build muscle to breaks the handstand push-ups. So 40 year old Billy....I’m sorry you’re not making the NFL. Here’s a plot twist though, you can train your ass off and be a strength coach for the players though! BOOOOOM 💥 

3.) Lifestyle > Diet

Eat your damn Pizzas just drink water with it. Eat your snacks just be sure to work twice as hard. Have 1-2 cheat days just be sure you are still taking vitamins or something in its natural place that can somewhat supplement your risky outings or shortcomings of eating healthy. You’re human. Go splurge. Just don’t doubt the process when you need to show up on Monday and really work. It takes patience if your nutritional components are not as strict then patience is a must. I’d say have an 85-90% Lifestyle of eating healthy. I don’t do Keto or Detox nor do I do organic foods. Keep it simple & don’t put sugar into your body often. Water helps ALOT ALOT.

4.) Have fun

Having a plan gives you a target to hit. Aim it high, but aim it as long as it’s in your niche & expense. If you are a wrestler create goals around workouts within there. Physique competitors create their own. Dancers have a whole level of differences when it comes to working out. Define your dream. Be specific. Love yourself. Have fun. Be patient. Write down your dreams every morning. Build your plans around that. Reality does hit with bills, kids, & hardships, just give yourself 30 min of pamper time(not the kids you silly) to get in some much needed workout therapy. You’ll thank me for it.


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