How to Get more Sponsors

Gathering in some sponsors for your lifestyle can be tough, but it is doable and you don’t need to be famous nor have millions of followers! Try these steps.

1.) Emotional Quality 

Build a trust with the people who do support your every move. It’s better to have 50 loyal fans than have 10k fans who won’t purchase or value you. Having a trust helps with our next step

2.) Audience Engagement 

This is very important because even if your brand is smaller the activity going on in your profile especially if it is positive really can help you lock in some deals!

3.) Professionalism 

Sounds easy don’t it? Professionalism is wording, presentation, execution, & enthusiasm. Master these traits so you inherit far more confidences virtually and in person.

4.) Intentionally look for companies

Giving yourself a chance by tagging, going to discord channels, and physically arriving to where companies hang out really helps! LinkedIn & Twitter will let you know tons of events! 



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