How to Get Abs Fast!

Abdominal workouts are a pain in the ass....we know it. It’s not just getting abs that makes it truly a tough aspiration, it’s the maintaining of being able to stay in shape that withholds all the challenges. Getting abs fast is indeed possible. As fast as 30 days if you must say. There’s some things you must know before attempting to starve yourself! 👇🏻

1.) Know Your Role

And shut your....jk. In all totality it takes a gruesome amount of ethic to gather in some goals. Knowing yourself and your internal inspirations which usually correlate within your purpose, fulfillment, & overall value in life help you when the going gets tough. Understand a vision & attack it.

2.) Burn Fat First

You must shed the pounds in order to see abs. Find out ways to gather in some cardio such as Jump Roping, Running, Jogging in place, & Tik Tok! Yup you read that right! Tik Tok in my personal opinion is the newest version of an Xbox Kinect. It’s a workout machine and you can diet, duet, do challenges, dance, fun fitness routines, & all genres of music. It’s basically content KING.

3.) 30 minutes a day keeps the bullsh*t away

Not feeling like working out is going to happen often. Feelings of regret and being groggy will only be there when you don’t arrive for your workouts. Even if it’s simple Bodyweight Squats, just do the damn thing and work those muscles. Get the blood boiling. If you warm up a certain way and make it fun rather than torture, I guarantee you will keep going. Go all in. 

4.) Abs-olutely insane 

Do 100 reps of Abs a day. Now read that again. I said a day not in a single workout session. I do 100 ab reps in a single workout session, but you don’t have to. Wherever you’re at just ensure you are getting some reps in. I have an amazing ab challenge I did for 30 days straight on YouTube and there was phenomenal results! So drop down wherever is necessary and do 10 reps & before the clock hits midnight be sure to have 100 reps done x 30 days! Do the math! Now that’s more I like it! Woooooooo!!!!


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