How to Create an Online Business with Little to No Money

With the world transitioning to online endeavors at a much more rapid pace thanks to a pandemic and COVID-19, we want to share with you what you can do to take action in your new side hustle 

1.) Brand Awareness

Building awareness means knowing your niche and what media you are willing to disburse to. If you don’t know either of those answers it’s ok. Find what you enjoy and try to monetize it by simply testing and tasting what you think is your passionate identity. As far as disbursement? Well just upload everywhere. Lol it’s Free so might as well. Visuals and content are King. Videos and more videos on any social platforms is better than none.

2.) Podcast

It’s not that businesses are actually going online, businesses are leaning more heavily on voice activations. Cars, Audiobooks, TV’s, Game systems, & Alexa are all voice activated. Podcast and Music are the front runners in maintaining your brand awareness at its highest. To be in audio formats is really key into lasting for another decade or so. SEO style. You can create a podcast on the anchor app and get sponsors completely FREE with options to get paid.

3.) Written Blog

Having the expertise of video, audio, & now written format are the SEO validations of your business and brand being able to be searchable across the internet. Also it helps in building communications, Webinars, Tutorials, Tips, & Guidances. People trust in those who show a diverse game plan in every way possible without charging upfront. Show off your journalism with a blog too.

4.) Programs

You can create programs that have no upfront charge. These can be email opt ins, ebooks, Webinars, Consulting, Mentorship, & Online training! Whatever you can do and are great at, offer it as a special and bundle it for a subscription package also. Google helps with templates FREE.

5.) Merchandise

Now Merchandise can be a few shirts with free Text slogans to start. Another great way is to test your creativity. Can you draw? Do crafts? Build something? Brand yourself around objects you have near you and sell it on Etsy. You can also pin it on Pinterest to really build awareness. You can crossover promote! If you are a chef and you can draw just draw some foodie aspects and sell those online as plaques. Same goes for me. I promote my music while I’m dancing so I get a 2 in 1 promo while saving money! Have fun and let us know 

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