How To Be A Morning Person & Dominate The Day

Being a morning person and dominating does not need to be difficult! Use these tips to help you ensure you are on to a great start.


1.) Pray

Rather it’s the universe or in my case a huge believer in faith, always show gratitude of being granted more breath to try and enjoy your dreams.

2.) Make Your Bed

Simple huh? Well this is a proven awareness that most don’t realize in Setting the tone for the day. It truly matters when you set your bed. It’s a major foundation.

3.) Meditate 

It is far more simple to meditate when you are an early riser and your conscious mind is still trying to function. This allows for the subconscious Mind to really go to work. Try Meditating for 15 min a day in the earliest of mornings. Whatever time that may be for you, it works. 

4.) Veggie Smoothie

Please take account as to what you are putting in your body. You only get one. Now do you need to be perfect? No. Just try to have yourself a healthy shake or something of value along with water to really have the energy and a lean appeal for the start of your day.

5.) Get Moving!

Exercise, Stretch, or Dance. Just don’t go and be sluggish. Figure out what will make you pour out some much needed intensity so it can activate warmth in your blood and a great sweat to keep the mind clear! 

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