How to be a Morning Person

Times can be a bit difficult especially in isolation and quarantine. It is up to us though to determine what we can do to keep us on the right foot. One solution is being able to beat the competition to the punch. Mornings are a pre requisite on how you can feel for the day. It also allows for many insights on general organization that can be a major drift toward a positive life. Here are some tips!


1.) Build and stick to a structured time frame

Be awake by 5am EVERYDAY. No excuses. Just getting up with self discipline will create a self esteem boost like you can accomplish anything. Even if it’s a weekend. Although my weekend schedules are different than my weekly schedules I’m still up at that time because it keeps a flow going. Sticking to a schedule can be stale at times, but morning awakes keep you structured indefinitely. 

2.) Meditation/Gratitude

As soon as you wake formulate a pattern in which you meditate when you are still half asleep. This allows for the subconscious mind to overtake your conscious. Now why does this work? Subconscious minds are what really attract energy, miracles, attractions, & all habits to win at life. Set up no risk beats on YouTube and get to meditating, taking deep breaths, & being so ducking grateful that you have been granted another morning to try and pursue your dreams.

3.) Veggie shake/Fasting/Pre Workout

The notion of all of these intakes are to ensure a lean energetic approach to your morning. Now breakfast is important, but not a full course meal. Otherwise that will just keep you in a food coma or a groggy approach. Eat light, have some caffeine, vitamins, & a delicious shake. Energy galore! Make it fun.


4.) Exercise

Take a walk, grab some fresh air, & get the blood pumping! Does it have to be a vigorous workout? No. Not at all. In fact it is important to just somehow get that circulation and breaths going through your entire body to be able to maintain thoughts of positivity. Also keeping track of steps will inspire you to always want to be ahead of the pack. All steps 1-4 is such a busy day! What’s amazing is that it will still only be 8am.


5.) Tackle your hard tasks First

Doing the most difficult projects first always leads to a send of confidence due to the nature of the work itself. Working on the morning after steps 1-4 also limits distractions due to time frames & many barely even waking up! In contrast to your new lifestyle, you would have had 4-5 hours into your day reaching a peak. That’s incredible! Give it a try and embrace your mornings.



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