How to Backflip & Learn Easy/Fast


How to Backflip & learn fast! The signature of learning to fly! The Backflip/Back tuck is a universally recognized movement solidified from Dancers, Cheerleaders, Gymnasts, Trickers, & Movement Artists in general.  Learning to backflip can be a difficult process for most based on its totality of rotation, fear of being upside down, & really having to engage with spotting yourself from any injury. Here are some fun tips & secrets for you to understand the rotational component, face your fears, & allow yourself to jump......literally. What’s best about it all? You can practice in just about any form of respectable space! Indoor or outdoor. Just don’t wake the neighbors! Implement these tools today on your journey 

1.) Burpees. Learn burpees to a significant extent to enhance bounce, vertical jumps, endurance, & gather in ideas of how your body reacts with blood rushing up and down rapidly. It trains you to sustain gruesome power

2.) It’s all in the abs! While jumping up and down might get you tired and a better vertical, your core counts most. Enhancing your core helps provide a crunch, tuck, and overall rotational leap that can help. Practice air crunches like a cannonball into the pool

3.) Hands count drastically! Use your hands & place them behind your knees so you can tuck faster. The more you crunch, the faster you spin. So along with crunching, your arms give extra power to avoid bailing out or stalling too long in the air

4.) Don’t psych yourself out. Backflips take time, so review footage, read about it, master back handsprings, & formulate a steady fitness plan to help remain consistent on longevity. Become fearless & practice on mats! Go 🤸🏻‍♂️

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