How to Airflare on your Elbows! Breakdancing For Beginners(Learn Fast/Easy)

How to Airflare on your Elbows in 15 seconds! The Elbow Airflare or the “Elbow Track” is one of the latest tier of Powermoves in breakdancing to date. An effective increment of being able to incline your body in a level focused on directional grind set is the nature of it. A pre Requisite that allows you to feel the exact same notion as doing the global phenomenon “Airflare”. With this being named as the Elbow Track, you are not necessarily on your pinpoint of the elbows. The forearms carry you heavily in this move in conjunction with your pinpointed hands. Here are some tips to master this move! 🤸🏻‍♂️


1.) Understand your momentum. In all Powermoves you must know the Hyper Flare/New York Flare Stance. There is no shortcut around Powermoves. This swing must be in accordance and all the same way of direction. This helps fluidity in Powermoves


2.) Elbow Balancing creates the figurative outlook of not just upper body strength. The balance overall is to hone the signature stability to allow for extracurricular swings


3.) Elbow Spinning helps the diversity of catching and placement of hands when instincts are given limited time. Use the spin to help with breaths, swings, pose, & recovery


-4.) You will fall on your face at times. If not your face, your shoulder. This is a second to none Powermove and in order to have a fluctuation and multiple Airflares you mustn’t be fearful of the unknown. Test. Try. Fail. Repeat 💥


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