4 ways to IMPROVE your Quarantine Situation

4 Ways to Improve Your Quarantine Situation:


While times are extremely tough to many measures, we have been able to provide some insights on immediately improving your distancing situation. 4 ways to Quarantine. We talk the essence of Learning new skills, being grateful, stopping comparisons to others highlight reel, & building love with your close ones.


1.) Learn New Skills

Try something New daily. Rather it’s a new language, movement, content creation, learning technicolor, or getting to another level of your expertise. Keep the productivity flowing and it’ll ensure a boost of esteem like no other.



2.) Gratitude

Being grateful is a simple tactic, but definitely not an easy task. With everything going on everybody is experiencing some form of hardship believe it or not. Just know you are not alone and be thankful for what is going right in your lifeZ that always helps!


3.) Stop Scrolling

STOP. STOP. STOP. Stop scrolling on social media. This is something I must learn my damn self. It creates jealousy, envy, resentment, & more. How so? Because everybody “looks like” they are having a good time when in totality they are just choosing to be positive so adopt a mindset of choosing to be positive. Refresh yourself and allow for self reflection. Media also hurts your mindset, creativity, & adventurism. Use off media time to exercise, read, do yoga, have a nice bath, & clean your placeX catch up on actually physical duties.



4.) Enjoy loved ones

A tough one for everybody possibly because everyone is annoying as shit right now lol. Take the time to enjoy the simplicity of life. I like to look at this Quarantine situation as a beautiful disaster. A blessing in disguise. It helps with all functionalities with human connection. Proving that physical energy is still better than technology. Embrace your close friends and fam. Reach out. If you are living with a family do anything you can to play games, thank them, say “I love you”, & sit there in company. You’ll thank us


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